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Facial Trauma & Facial Fracture Repair

Dr. Scurry understands the physical and emotional challenges that can arise from facial trauma and fractures. Dr. Scurry specializes in facial trauma reconstruction, offering compassionate care and advanced techniques to restore both function and esthetics.

The Impact of Facial Trauma

Facial trauma, whether from accidents, falls, or other incidents, can result in fractures, soft tissue injuries, and disfigurement. Beyond the physical consequences, facial trauma can affect self-esteem, emotional well-being, and even basic daily activities. Our mission is to provide comprehensive care that addresses both the visible and hidden effects of facial trauma.

Types of Facial Trauma Reconstruction:

  • Orbital Fractures: Fractures around the eye area can impact vision and facial esthetics. Reconstruction involves realigning the fractured bones and restoring eye function.
  • Nasal Fractures: Broken noses can affect both appearance and breathing. Our reconstruction aims to restore the nose’s appearance and function.
  • Mandibular Fractures: Fractures of the jaw can impact eating, speaking, and facial balance. We use surgical techniques to realign the jaw and promote proper healing.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: We address lacerations and damage to soft tissue, ensuring proper wound closure and minimal scarring.

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